About NYServes – New York City

New York City is home to hundreds of veteran­-serving organizations along with one of the most diverse veteran populations in the country. These resources are located throughout the five boroughs and offer a multitude of services for the city’s military ­connected population. However, due to the unique landscape of New York City, it can be difficult for veterans, service members and their families to identify and connect to the services that are right for them.

NYServes – New York City
is a city­wide network of public, non­profit and private service providers committed to serving veterans, service members and their families in a coordinated way.

So what does this mean for military-­connected families? With the click of a button, you can submit a request to the Coordination Center and be connected to an organization specializing in the service you are seeking. You no longer need to worry about a finding an appropriate service provider – just let us know what you need and we will take care of the rest!

NYServes – New York City is the first of the AmericaServes family of networks and has been operational for over a year. The network was created as a result of an initial investment by the Robin Hood Foundation to explore ways to break down the siloed approach to providing services to the community, and develop accessible, coordinated resources for all. Before the launch of NYServes – New York City, The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) and Unite US brought together local non­profits and public sector service providers to share insights and experiences. Using their specialized knowledge of NYC’s veteran landscape, the blueprint for the NYServes – New York City network was established.

Since going live, NYServes – New York City has grown to include over 70 providers and 290 practitioners – and the growth continues! Encouraged by the network’s impact and outcomes, other funders have joined this transformational community initiatives. These funders include: The New York State Health Foundation, USAA, Accenture, Walmart Foundation, and Schultz Family Foundation.

NYC is no stranger to being the landing zone for transitional populations, and many returning veterans, service members and their families call the city home. The city has a very proud history supporting members of the United State military and their families, and NYServes – New York City is committed to supporting their post-­service goals and aspirations. Whether you are a retiring O­5 looking for a new career, or a hard­-charging E­3 looking to take your career to the next level, make sure you contact the network to see what resources are available to you!

Who We Serve

Active duty, National Guard, Reserve Service members as well as veterans, service members and their families who reside in the New York City area are eligible for support from the network. We aim to support all individuals who have worn the uniforms of our military – regardless of age, era, branch or discharge status. Not all services are available to every member however, our Care Coordinators will strive to find an appropriate local resource.

How it Works

At the center of the network is the NYServes – New York City Coordination Center. It is the Coordination Center’s job to facilitate timely, accurate, and appropriate referrals to meet the full range of a veteran, service member or family member’s needs. We do this by assessing each network providers’ expertise and capacity and assigns referrals accordingly, thereby lifting the coordination burden off of service providers so they can focus on delivering high quality services and experiences to their veterans, service members and family members. Ultimately, this structure allows providers across New York City to work together more efficiently and be part of a coordinated network that offers a wide spectrum of services, resources and care. The range of services provided by NYServes – New York City is truly vast, covering everything from education to employment, legal, and more!

Our Funders

The Walmart Foundation   Robin Hood Foundation   NYS Health Foundation   USAA   Autonomous Research   Schultz Family Foundation

About AmericaServes

AmericaServes is a coordinated network of services, resources, and care, that provides direct access for veterans, service members, and their families. AmericaServes consists of local and regional networks that are tailored to meet the unique needs of the communities they serve. NYServes ­­- New York City is the local AmericaServes network for the New York City area.

Each local AmericaServes network consists of vetted service providers, that are connected together through a Coordination Center – a backbone organization that supports the local network by understanding each provider’s services, capacity and eligibility requirements, and facilitating accurate referrals for network users to receive the services they seek.

This means that veterans, service members and military families are connected to providers who understand their unique situation, and provide the services they need, and that providers are able to refer veterans and military families they are unable to serve to the care they need without taking on the time burden associated with linking to another provider or following up.

The grand vision of AmericaServes is to establish local networks all around the US such that veterans and service members can receive care and services wherever they are, through a single point of entry into a national network of hundreds of quality providers.

Serving America’s Military Families